Close Personal Protection Course

Specialist Close Personal Protection CPP “Bodyguard”International Course of Instruction


The Todd Group are the oldest global training providers of our systems of European military CQC, close quarters combat, CPP, specialist close personal protection and European military self-defence dating back to 1927.

We have been conducting specialist close personal protection courses of instruction for decades. Our specialist Close personal protection courses of instruction are open to responsible adults. There are as many corporate’s and combative enthusiasts as those pursuing close protection careers on courses.

Course participants include company directors and traveling corporates that are not in a position to to have close protection specialists on the payroll and want to learn all the skills to make themselves their staff family and friends as safe as possible under their protection.

Individuals intending to travel extensively internationally also undertake our specialist basic entry-level course of instruction.

The Todd Group understand for some people the considerable expense involved with undertaking a specialist close personal protection course and as such ensure our course fees are most reasonable making it more affordable.

The course content is extensive and the course is extremely wide ranging and diverse including full training and exercises phases.

We export our CPP courses to Thailand our hub global country to reduce the travel duration and costs in comparison to attending courses at our New Zealand HQ and also to ensure courses are conducted in a country where English is not the primary language. This adds to the training exercises benefits in relation to exposure to close protection requirements in a foreign environment.

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